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lace wig supplier that your company of choice uses

From the lace wig inception, hair types were limited to only a few textures. Today, there are a myriad of remy hair choices for all ethnicities and backgrounds. These added options make having a lace wig even more exciting as you transform yourself into a style chameleon.


Remy is hair which the cuticle is facing the direction in which it grew. There are many different categories that remy can full under and each one varies greatly. The highest of quality for human hair is virgin. This hair is unprocessed and was cut in the direction it originally grew in. Not all remy hair is virgin. Once virgin hair is chemically processed or colored, it simply becomes remy and is no longer virgin.

The term remy itself is often misused today in the industry to lure those interested in premium lace wigs. Some remy is processed with harsh chemicals after being collected from mass hair collectors in China and other Asian countries. Only the finest of remy hair is collected by a single collector who extracts the hair directly from the donor being careful of damaging the cuticle.


Indian remy is the most popular and produced lace front wigs human hair. Indian remy can come in a variety of colors and lengths. Since most Indian's have very dark colored tresses, hair marketed as virgin cuticle hair should also be the same color.

Indian texture is so popular because it is versatile for different cultures. It is thick enough without tangling easily for many African-Americans while it has a very soft wave to mimic some European tresses. Culturally, Indian women grow their hair very long so the process of collecting virgin Indian remy hair is very easy.


Malaysian remy is quickly replacing yaky hair texture. Many African-American women have yaky or yaki lace wigs to resemble chemically treated African-American hair. As remy hair is not processed, this posed a problem. While some companies stated they offered yaky with virgin cuticle hair that was unprocessed, this was usually untrue as most yaky is actually processed.

Malaysian hair is soft and silky. The hair color is more varied than Chinese hair but since it comes from the same region, it is comparable in price. Malaysian hair has a similar density to Indian hair but does not have the natural wave. Since it is so straight but thick, it easily replaces yaky texture hair.


Brazilian remy hair is fairly new but catching on fast. This texture is soft and rather thick like Indian hair but is more versatile in color choice. The hair has a softer wave and is slightly finer.

Many African-American lace wigs are being made with Brazilian remy since those who want a straighter texture find it hard to use European remy. The colors of virgin hair offered are typically dark brown, off black, light brown and medium blonde shades.


Chinese remy is very popular for use on stock lace wigs for black women. The hair is straight in texture but very coarse. The naturally dark color of Chinese virgin remy is great for anyone who wants very dark virgin cuticle hair.

There are some issues with Chinese remy that comes out of China. The hair quality is good but some of the techniques used to extract the strands are not true remy methods and can damage the hair cuticles. Since the hair is so coarse and can look unnatural on those with fine hair, Chinese remy is often dipped in an acid bath to thin out and lighten. For those who want completely unprocessed hair, make sure to do your research on the wavy lace wigs supplier that your company of choice uses.


European hair is not an actual hair structure but a group name for similar structures. Indian and Brazilian remy would fall into this category as the natural cuticle is rather smooth and gives it a straight appearance. If you go to a beauty supply store and request European remy, a store associate can plausible hand you Indian or Brazilian and it will be the silky texture you want.

If you want a true European hair texture as in from Europe, ask for Italian or Russian remy. This is a harder hair type to find in stores and may need to be special ordered or ordered offline. This hair is naturally very glossy and bouncy since it is so light. The hair colors are varied from light blonde to dark browns.

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the innovative use of lace wigs

lace wig have conquered women's fashion style. Many women believe that the hair crowns the beauty and will do just about everything to look good. The most common way to begin their vision is by starting from their hair and that has lead to creative hair styling but more recently women are finally submitting to the innovative use of lace wigs.

Traditionally and till this day most women have to bear with the nature of their natural hair. Those that were unhappy with it on a particular day or week would use hair accessories such as caps to hide their shame. Some would resort to frequent haircuts to tame their hard to manage hair and others frequently visited salons for hair treatments and alterations. However, applying chemicals to your hair on a consistent basis generally leads to damage.

The idea of fashion is not just about your clothes and shoes. It is also about your hair, which is why some of the first things people notice about you is your cheap full lace wigsand explains why more women have, opted to use lace wigs. They aim upkeep their appearance and the latest styles and trends.

Wig manufacturers realized the growing dilemma in maintaining your hair so they came up with different hair products that could assist with styling your own hair from home. The hair innovations ranged from shampoos to conditioners and flat irons. They would essentially save the consumer time, money and heartache. The issue with these new and improved products is that not all consumers are hair savvy enough to maintain their hair to the expected level and many of them fear attempting to avoid further damaging their hair; hence why lace wigs have become the must have fashionable accessory.

Fashionable hairpieces and innovative hair systems is the ideal solution for most women, especially those that enjoy alternating their hairstyles and rather do so without damaging their natural hair. These new hair systems come in different hair types,lace wigs with baby hair, lengths and styles and textures such as curly or straight. In addition, the higher quality hair units are limitless to the styles you can create and they move and sway like natural beautiful flowing hair. Once you view, feel and try them on at a specialty shop, it's almost impossible not to want a lace wig.

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By being educated about the ingredients used in lace wig

The daily use of lace wig adhesives on the skin has not been officially studied for long-term health hazards but it should be known that a small percentage of people are sensitive to the chemicals found in various lace wig adhesive products. It is also possible that using these products yearly on a daily basis could have some negative short and long-term effect on any users health. Until proper scientific studies have been conducted, every consumer uses these products at their own risk.


A mentionable ingredient found in some popular premium lace wigs glue adhesives is Toluene. Toluene is found in gasoline, acrylic paints, varnishes, lacquers, paint thinners, adhesives, glues, rubber cement, airplane glue, and shoe polish. At room temperature, toluene is a colorless, sweet smelling, volatile liquid. According to Scorecard - The Pollution Information Site, by comparison toluene is more hazardous than most chemicals in 2 out of 10 ranking systems.

Inhalation of toluene fumes can be intoxicating, but in larger doses nausea-inducing. Toluene may enter the human system not only through vapor inhalation from the liquid evaporation but also from absorption through the skin. The dangers of this chemical are very serious. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the short-term effects include: minor nervous system disorders such as fatigue, nausea, weakness, confusion. EPA has also concluded that the long-term effects of toluene has the potential to cause more pronounced nervous disorders such as spasms, tremors, impairment of speech, hearing, vision, memory, coordination; liver and kidney damage. A few notable products that contain this ingredient, so take caution when applying and read the ingredient list.


Latex is also known to be hazardous to some people that wear lace front wigs human hair adhesives. This form of plastic is found in some affordable lace wigs tapes. This may cause concern for individuals that suffer from latex allergies. Mild reactions to latex involve skin redness, rash, hives, or itching. More severe reactions may involve respiratory symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, scratchy throat, and asthma (difficult breathing, coughing spells, and wheezing). Rarely, shock may occur; however, a life-threatening reaction is seldom the first sign of latex allergy.

Medically Safe Adhesives

Increasingly becoming more popular with full lace/front lace wig wearers and medically safe is Vapon, contact liquid adhesive and Supertape, which is formulated with a water-based adhesive that is skin and environmentally friendly.

By being educated about the ingredients used in human hair lace front wigs adhesives and our bodies' reaction to them, we are preserving our health while maintaining a great look.

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Stock lace wigs are ready to wear for your convenience

lace wig are ready to wear for your convenience. These are made to fit the average women's head measurements and come in all colors and lengths. While there are some inherent differences between custom units and stock units, both have great benefits.

Stock units are often more affordable than custom wigs. Without the extra labor and specific measurements, machines or wig makers can create hair systems in bulk without having to worry about your specifications. For women who want to experiment with the idea of wigs, a stock unit is best for your first purchase.

A common misconception is that wigs with lace in stock are of less quality and without as much variety. The exact opposite is true. Stock units come in all shapes and sizes. Human hair and synthetic hair can come as a stock lace front wigs. Different lengths, colors, and textures are offered as well. The good thing about a stock hair system is that you still have the option of customizing it on your own.

If you love the color of something but hate the length, a simple trim or cut will do. Rather than going out and buying a custom hair system that costs hundreds more, you can apply simply alterations such as these to your cheap lace wig. For women who love styling their own hair system as if it was there own, a stock wig can be cut, colored, and restyled as much as you want.

Also, there will be no disappointment with a stock unit because they are always available. Custom unit can take weeks and up to a few months while stock wigs are usually ready to ship. If you receive your lace wig and it needs some alterations, going to your local stylist or wig specialist is a quick solution to fitting issues or color correction.

There are some differences with stock hair wigs that you may not be accustomed to after wearing a custom hair wig. Most custom jobs have some of the finest lace so a flexible, light lace for the least detectable hairline is promised. With stock lace wigs for sale, many times the lace is French Lace which is slightly thicker and in some cases rather stiff.

With stock wigs, the density is often thick. Most women require a light-medium or medium-dark density that progresses throughout the hair. If you do end up with a very unnatural density on your remy lace front wig, try to sheer the hair to get rid of bulk and pluck out hairs from the hairline to thin out the density.

Being available at most locations is the number one reason women like to purchase a stock hair wig. For everyone who has done their own research online or received a recommendation from a friend, many stock models are available online and in stores. If you want to go in to try it on and see it in person, that is possible with most black hair wigs.


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